WHY shop ethically?

WHY shop ethically?

While this article is not written by me (Grace), I felt it necessary to include in the "who we are" section because it is important to know how Amma's Umma began and why we are still continuing the mission today!

Please enjoy this article by the previous owner, Chelsea!

The truth is... the world is our home and the people of the world are our sisters and brothers. We have a responsibility to care about how and where our things are made. We can shout from the rooftops (or our facebook thread) and we can sign petitions and donate to causes we believe in. But the reality is that our every day choices are making a ripple out into the world. We are choosing slavery over freedom. Every day. We are choosing a child's right to education or not. Every day. We are choosing to poison our planet or to fight for clean air and oceans. Every day.

The world is a beautiful place but also a very sad, hard place. People are suffering constantly. Families are being torn apart. Countries are at war. Children are starving. Mothers are walking hours to find clean water. Violence is rampant and safety and protection is rare. 

When we care about where and how our things are made, all of a sudden we're supporting companies that give fair paying jobs to people around the world. 

When we do this, mother's keep their kids instead of sending them to an orphanage. Kid's are going to school instead of being brought to work to make extra money. Food is put on the table and futures look bright. Parents aren't working 18 hour long days in chemically laden factories. 

I'll be incredibly honest. I don't do this because I love clothes, jewelry or bags. I do this because the daily decisions of how we dress, what gifts we give, what bags we carry can literally change the world and I want to invite you in on this new way of living. My desire is to see a world without orphans. But that means creating a world where parents can keep their kids. Creating a world where the financial burden of adoption doesn't keep families from bringing kiddos him. Creating a world where ethical companies aren't a niche market... but the standard. WE CAN make 


the standard, instead of a nice option, and slowly put out the flame of fast fashion, single use consumerism and a need for more, more, more. Thank you for joining me in the journey to do so.

- Chelsea Winfield (original owner of Amma's Umma)