WHO is Amma's Umma?

WHO is Amma's Umma?

YOU! You are a part of Amma's Umma and I am so glad you are here, dear friend. A little backstory: our boutique - Amma’s Umma - began in the tiny town of Port Angeles, Washington and has impacted lives ever since. The meaning of our sweet name, Amma’s Umma, is Hindi for “a mothers kiss”. This was the original name given to the business and it holds a special place in my heart which is why it has stuck around through the transition to my ownership. I (Grace) worked for Amma’s for the latter part of my teenage years. This business opened up my eyes to a world of injustice that I did not know existed. The world of fast fashion. Are you confused by these terms, that is okay - I was too! Fast fashion is defined by Merriam Webster dictionary as “an approach to the design, creation, and marketing of clothing fashions that emphasizes making fashion trends quickly and cheaply available to consumers.” This does not sound bad at first, however when you learn about the implications of this quick and cheap form of production, you too will become passionate about advocating for sustainable and ethical fashion through the various ways we as consumers can consciously shift the way we approach shopping.

The intentional purchasing of every product for our store is sourced from companies who value sustainability in the physical world and sustainable livelihoods for those creating the products you cherish. Essentially, that means we search for businesses that are fair trade certified who are committed to ethical treatments of their employees in the workplace through their wages and benefits. Many of these companies are run by women who saw a need in a community and wanted to provide change through business models that train, equip and provide a safe space for their employees. That is why many of our products you may see are priced higher than normal, that is because as we purchase from these companies we are supporting a livable wage for someone else around the world. Each purchase makes a small, yet effective impact.

A multitude of companies we also carry are also designed and manufactured by companies in the USA! This is another way to combat fast fashion AND support local businesses. We know that the world does not change overnight, but we desire and hope to make a small difference with who we choose to purchase from and how the products are made.

Welcome to the journey, we are SO glad you are here :)

- Grace