Sari Headwrap

  • $20.00

It began slow at first and then suddenly, all at once, I was a headband girl. This stunning, recycled sari wrap can be worn as a headband, a bag tie, a neck tie, you name it! Each headband itself is one of a kind as well as the colors and patterns of the sari materials vary.

Headwraps vary in coloration and patterns as each individual headwrap is unique and one of a kind! Please know that what you receive most likely will not be the same as the photo listed here! It's like surprise mail, you know what you are getting but you will have a fun surprise awaiting you as to what color and pattern is yours!

This item is fair trade certified and sustainably handmade by female artisans in India. The beautiful story of this company is that they have partnered with existing artisans in parts of the world to create a global fair trade company.