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Plant Moisture Meter

  • $14.00

This product is manufactured in China and the manufacturing standards were not available. 

Are you the proud plant parent of 25+ plants? It's time for an upgrade if so!

Let us introduce a tool every plant parent shouldn't be without - 

the plant moisture meter! Say goodbye to over and under watering your plants with this magical tool that tests your soil for moisture and gives you a guide for which plants need watering at what levels!


  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR USE: Ideal soil test tool kit for house plants, garden, lawn and farm.
  • ACCURATE: This moisture meter measures the level of wetness between 1 - 10. Level 1 means very dry, and level 10 means very wet. No plants can tolerate the two extremes for long, so it is important to often check on all of your plants
  • NOTE:  Do not use to test water or other liquid. Designed to only test soil.