Opening July 1 - September 1, 2022 Tuesdays - Saturdays 11-5


Marrakech Hoops

  • $32.00
  • Goldtone-plated brass
  • 2.5" length
  • This piece of handmade jewelry was crafted at a fair trade cooperative in India


Rosy is part of a large and vibrant family, but like many extended families in India, hers had money problems. She and her husband always felt like they were under water, but they dreamt about giving their children a decent education one day.

When she joined the cooperative, Rosy had never sewn before and was bound by Indian gender traditions – her husband made her wear a sari to cover her head, and he was so resentful of her new job that he didn’t speak to her for three months.

She started out sewing bags by hand, but the cooperative promoted her when they learned that she was a hard worker. She moved to a supervisor role, and kept moving up the ladder until she became an assistant production manager.

Rosy has earned more than a fair wage – she’s earned the respect of her family. Her husband now supports her work and appreciates her new modern wardrobe. She’s the “strongest member of her family” and a role model for the women in her village.

Rosy’s oldest son (24 years old) got to go to school and is now happily married. Her youngest son (20 years old) is finishing up his education. Once he graduates, she’s going to keep working at the co-op so that she can buy a home one day.

Rosy is an inspiration to us all – we love her fantastic energy!