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Haitian Macrame Mini Ornament


About These Ornaments 
HandUp Ministries seeks to equip young men who’ve aged out of Grangou, our partner orphanage, with Jesus and jobs.
Commerce is a powerful catalyst for social change, but we believe that meaningful and sustainable change happens through the power of the gospel.
HandUp Ministries harnesses the power of both, Jesus and jobs, through our Teens in Transition program (TnT). This 2-year program consists of 3 Pillars:

Spiritual Discipleship

  • Mentoring: Introduces spiritual role models
  • Teaching: Equips teens with Christ-centered truths
  • Accountability: Fosters a community of men who encourage one another
  • Leadership Training: Empowers young men to grow from an orphaned boy to that of a responsible and productive citizen in his community

Financial Literacy:

  • Teaches faith-based money management
  • Provides future, long-term stability
  • Promotes a desire to give back to those in need
  • Results in positive economic impact on the community

Job Skills Training:

  • Equips teens with transferable job skills
  • Positions youth to move toward independence
  • Evokes feelings of dignity and stability
  • Serves as a catalyst for growth, responsibility, and maturity