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Shampoo Bars

  • $12.00

Say hello to your new favorite shampoo! And before you write them off because you've tried them before and they were messy, let me assure you that these all come with a mesh bag that keeps the shampoo bar all in one place until it's completely used up! And it really works. These 2oz bars are locally made from all plant based cleansing detergents, organic coconut oil, organic avocado oil and organic aloe vera powder, cosmetic grade fragrance oils. Please note : YOU NEED SO MUCH LESS THAN YOU'LL BE TEMPTED TO LATHER ON YOUR HEAD. We know it feels good to see those bubbles grow, but resist. These shampoo bars are concentrated shampoo. Lather in from the back of your neck (again less than you think you need) and then work through your hair. Also! I found that I can go a second day without washing my hair, which is unheard of for me. 

They are 3 in 1 bars, so say goodbye to conditioner! They lather so well and don't be surprised if the man if your life kidnaps it for his beard... and all his other body hair. So trust us, you might just want to snag two now. My husband loves the coconut cabana. You can also use on your legs, underarms and face. Each bar is equivalent to 1 bottle of shampoo but with NO PLASTIC WASTE!! 

Instructions : With the bar inside provided bag: lather between hands or directly on hair with water. Rinse. Hang bag in shower to dry between uses. 

**Please send us an email at for more information and to request a scent! We will have more made with essential oils soon!