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Why I Finally Switched from Wix to Shopify

Posted on May 28 2018

Why I Finally Switched from Wix to Shopify

I know there's a lot of fellow 'Mompreneurs' that love Amma's Umma so I wanted to share some of what I've learned in my first year of business! I wish this post existed when I was trying to decide what platform to start my business on because it felt like everyone was hiding something and they were!! So I'm dishing it all and I'm happy to answer any questions.

Why I LOVE Wix and still recommend it

I left Wix reluctantly. Wix is an incredible website builder that most everyone can learn to use. You don't have to know code and everything is drag and drop. As a graphic designer I was left in a creative playground and had no limits. Not only that, it's a stellar price for a lot of great features (in house email marketing, automatic email design and scheduling, media center for all your business photos, analytics and a cool app that told you when someone was on your site and where they were located). If you are a small business *processing under 50 orders/month and can't afford a lot of graphic design/web development, I would say go for Wix! 

What Wix Doesn't Have and Shopify..does

Wix fell short on a few BIG things, that as we grew... made it less and less worth it to stick with them.

1. No Gift Certificate integration. I had to make a digital file and a unique code on each download for gift cards. Talk about cumbersome and hard to keep track of.

2. No inventory or COGS tracking software. We were manually calculating our cost of goods sold, which was fine until we were pushing 400 items sold in a month. 

3. No abandoned cart recovery. We have internet ADHD. We hop around from tab to tab and often forget to buy that super cute dress we love. When we remember, we figure it's probably out of stock or it wasn't meant to be. Abandoned cart recovery is proven to recover 30% of purchases. So when we were pushing 100 orders a month I knew we were missing out on a lot more. 

4. No built in shipping software. This might be my biggest *palm to forehead. Since switching to Shopify I cannot even believe how much money AND time I've saved on shipping. With Wix I was copying and pasting names, making my own labels and going to the post office. 


Why I Miss Wix Even Though Shopify Is Great

1. My bill. My website bill is up from $25/month to $85/month. With all the additional inbuilt features (gift certificates, COGs tracking, abandoned cart recovery, shipping software) comes $$$$. Fortunately, what I save in shipping really does make up the difference but Wix really is great for the business starting out. 

2. Design Ease. I love design but I'll be honest... I've only ever took a 3 month course. I know enough to get by but I am far from a professional website designer. Wix created no barriers for a the designer in me. Shopify does. Say goodbye to drag and drop. If I want to have that capability I have to pay another $30/month and add an app called Shogun and even then it comes nowhere close to Wix's incredibly user friendly website building platform.  If Shopify and Wix would just merge.. all our dreams would come true.

3. Shopify's back end isn't dreamy. Wix's back end product catalog can be viewed by "collection, name, date added, etc". Shopify doesn't. It's a drag to get in there and edit products. You're left searching for a product and even then it struggles to name match and bring a product right up. 

4. Order fulfillment. Wix has a picture of the first item on all orders in both the app and the website. It's easy to whip around your shop with your phone in hand, pulling items. With Shopify you have to click open into every order to see photos. 

5. No in house email marketing. I personally think MailChimp has a market monopolized and hasn't made dramatic improvements in the 8 years I've used it. It's a bit rusty and doesn't come close to the ease of the in house email marketing app that Wix has developed. With Shopify you have to link MailChimp and use it for all your automated and campaign emails. 


So there you have it! I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have between Wix and Shopify. In my research I found BigCommerce to fall incredibly short, SquareSpace really wasn't built for e-commerce and, well, Weebly, I just can't take them seriously. 


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  • Michael: February 10, 2020


    Thanks for making such an interesting article and touching on such an annoying subject that so many of us have and are still looking to correct as we love the simple way Wix let’s you design yet as you say they fall short.

    I recently came across a company called Voucher Connect where they handle all transaction on the back end for your website yet they say they can also intergrate with your wix checkout as long as you sign up to stripe for an account.

    I will be checking this out today!

    Once again, great article….


  • Scott Webb: November 24, 2019

    I’d love to learn more about how you managed gift certificates within Wix. Did you list a Digital File as a product with a fixed value and then manually add a coupon code and name to each file? Faced with this challenge now. Thanks!

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