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Why I Don't Like Fair Trade

Posted on August 04 2018

Why I Don't Like Fair Trade

How about a fair trade litmus test? Ready?

When you think fair trade, what three colors do you think of?

(my answers : orange, pink, green)

When you think fair trade, what prices do you imagine?

(my answers : $$$$ expensive)

When you think fair trade, what quality do you hold in your hands?

(my answer : flimsy or thin clothes, sloppily painted items, fragile or less than functional)

For years fair trade just fascinated me. I suppose part of my mind wondered why we need a fair trade store. Are all others stores...un-fairly traded? I wanted to support fair trade shops or cause oriented companies, but I wouldn't compromise my love of beauty, my budget and my appreciation for quality.

I don't want to buy my nephew an $8 pink, yellow and green top made out of raffia that he or the dog is going to ruin in less than a week. 

So I went on, thinking that fair trade is a nice thought but mostly a compromise. 

My goal with Amma's Umma? Let's flip the narrative. 

I've said since the very beginning that I don't want you to buy our items because they're fair trade, nor because every purchase gives back to adoptions. I wanted you to buy them because they're what you would have bought anyways. And when we tell you the story, the purpose and the mission behind Amma's Umma. I want it to be a delightful surprise. A bonus. And then hopefully even more reason to come back again.



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