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Who is an Amma?

Posted on April 23 2018

Who is an Amma?

Amma is a common word for mom across the globe but I first heard it in Bangalore, India. I grew up calling my own mother, mom, but her name changed to ‘Amma’ when I came home from my first 5 months in India. My blog also became Amma’s Umma ( a mother's kiss)... fast forward five years, it's the name of our boutique! The shop, however, is not just a shop for moms. Amma to us means something deeper.

You are an Amma if you are compassionate.

You are an Amma if your compassion turns into action.

So if you care… you’re welcome and wanted here!

Say Hello to some of the Amma’s in our community.

Meet Serenity!

Serenity is an adventure seeker, a granddaughter and an AMMA. She is passionate about India and education. Her favorite song is My Lighthouse by Rend Collective and she secretly cannot live without a cup of tea and a chapter from a book before she goes to bed. One social cause that she’s zeroing in on is ethical fashion and sustainability. We are so grateful that Serenity has chosen to be a part of the Amma’s Umma family!


Meet Stephanie!

Stephanie is a wife and a servant. She is passionate about worship and loves to travel. Her favorite book is The Practice of the Presence of God. She would tell her 18 year old self to be more flexible to God's leading and she not-so-secretly can't live without fruit smoothies. A social cause that she is passionate about is justice for the overlooked. 


And then there’s me! My name is Chelsea and I am an orphan advocate, creative and recovering workaholic. The most recent impactful book that I’ve read is Present Over Perfect. It forced me to move from just a workaholic to a recovering one. I secretly cannot live without Q-tips. I always forget to pack them and it’s the WORST. I’m most passionate about the global orphan crisis but a growing social cause on my radar is the need for micro-finance opportunities.

We’d love to hear from you! What makes you feel at home at Amma’s Umma? What social causes set your soul on fire and won’t let you sit still?


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