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What Story Does Your Backpack Tell?

What Story Does Your Backpack Tell?

You know what I miss? Every first day back to school where you got to see all the kid’s new backpacks.

My mom didn’t let us get new backpacks... and back when I went to school Costco gave every student a plain navy jansport backpack. All the “cool” kids didn’t use them though. My mom wouldn't let a perfectly new backpack go to waste, no matter how simple it was. 

My mom did her best to redeem the situation by using puff paint to decorate my sister and I’s backpack with doodles that reflected our personality and style.

Even though I still wanted a sparkly pink Lisa frank backpack... I don’t remember anyone’s backpack in particular but I can picture the one my mom decorated me exactly.

Isn’t that funny?

We get distracted by flashy and new... by what everyone else is wearing and when we think back... it’s the piece we were gifted or the piece we saved up for that means the most.

This fair trade, vintage huipil backpack is just that. A piece that will live through decades and I hope be a piece that you’ll have for your granddaughters to marvel over someday. Not only that.. it’s creating jobs for women to empower them to provide for their families.

So think twice before you snag that hot new fast fashion bag. What story can your bag tell?


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