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What is Ethical Fashion?

What is Ethical Fashion?

We get this question a lot and are so glad you are asking! That means change is happening. I’ll be the first to admit that, for 25 years, I looked at tags and prices and wondered, “how is that even possible” but never actually did anything about it.


When I started Amma’s Umma I had one goal in mind... help restore and preserve more families through family strengthening efforts and adoptions. I started this business to raise funds for projects that I can’t fund through the non-profit I work for. I was tired of saying no to wonderful projects.



When I started to research I realized that sourcing products simply by trend and appeal defeated the entire purpose. Every purchase we make has the power to dignify or destroy. To us, ethical fashion means fair labor and everything else is an awesome bonus.



We love our organic cotton pieces, the bamboo line we feature, the recycled products, the tencel and even the polyester (say goodbye to wrinkles and hello to recycling your clothes intentionally). The truth is.. ethical fashion means something different to every consumer. To some it means any of the following; animal cruelty free, chemical free, sustainable, eco-friendly, bluesign, WRAP certified, organic, artisan made, machine free, made in the USA, certified fair trade.. there are so many different possible emphases when it comes to ethical fashion.



The bottom line of our boutique is that families are strengthened, restored and preserved through how we source our items and how we decide to give back. We currently host over 30 brands that we’ve intentionally brought into the shop to offer you an intentional shopping experience that puts human hands first.



We are happy to work with you to meet any additional goals for your wardrobe, so don’t ever hesitate to reach out! So if you're on the hunt for vegan, fair trade certified or strictly made in the USA - know that we can work with you to make this happen.


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