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The Secret To Buying The Perfect Gift For Anyone

Posted on December 03 2020

The Secret To Buying The Perfect Gift For Anyone

One year for Christmas, I took on a personal challenge. I did a backwards advent. I chose someone to buy gifts for, and every day went out of my way to do find them a small, meaningful gift. The challenge? I only knew this young woman in passing. So how do you buy a gift for someone you hardly know?



I always say that the perfect gifts are gifts that prove you really know someone.

So how do you expedite getting to know someone?


… Their Pinterest boards. MOST people are searchable on Pinterest by their name. Yep, that’s right. You can go into Pinterest and type in your friend’s name, change the search type to people, and VOILA…. all their deepest darkest, sparkliest most whimsical dreams are on display for the world.


In a matter of minutes, I discovered that this young woman liked elephants, steel blue and trying new things with makeup. She liked listening to music and nice bags and skirts.


With some Pins, you can actually click through and buy the exact thing your friend has put on their wishlist without even knowing. I used it purely as inspiration to guide my purchasing decisions.


So next time you have a last minute birthday party to go to or want to send a thoughtful gift in the mail… pop on over to Pinterest and you may just shock your friend by how well you seem to know them.


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