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"Made in China"

Posted on May 05 2018

"Made in China"

I did it. 

For 25 years I looked at the “made in China” tag and wondered how any single thing could be shipped 7000 miles across the earth and be sold for 4.99. How could the fabric be sourced, dyed, cut, stitched, packaged and shipped and there still be any profit margin? I knew it didn’t add up but I didn’t do anything about it.


We care about what’s in our food, how our food is grown, how our skincare is labeled, if animals were used to test mascara, if certain companies adhere to our way of thinking... but we’ve turned our eyes away when it comes to the human hands that make our everyday products. Knowing where they are and how they’re treated.


The good news? It’s changing and you can be a part of the market shift by asking brands you love questions about their workplace standards and how they ensure workers are in safe work environments and receiving fair wages. Because as long as we don’t ask, nothing will change. The profit margin is too good and it’s too easy. Let’s not let it be easy anywhere. We care about those human hands.


And for the record, things can be made well in China... but unless you’re asking, you won’t know. Same goes for Bangladesh, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and many other countries. Let’s just start asking questions 

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  • Kyla Gunstone: May 07, 2018

    Yes! Love this. Have you seen REI’s new product sustainability standards? Pretty neat to see REI impacting the 1,400 brands we retail .

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