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I'm Upset That Children Are Being Separated & Traumatized

Posted on June 22 2018

I'm Upset That Children Are Being Separated & Traumatized

I’m honestly refreshed to see the outrage. It means that deep, down.. you know that separating a child from their family and traumatizing them goes against the grain of design and something should be done about it. I’m asking you to take the next step though.

Orphanages are filled with children who HAVE families. Poor families, who think they have no other option. Sick families, who have exhausted their resources. Families in crisis, who have no support left. Families who have been told the orphanage can do better than them or have even been paid by the orphanage to surrender their children. And though orphanages aren’t cages... the trauma that occurs in a child’s brain when they’re separated from their family and institutionalized is very real. And we pay for this. We support this cycle.

Now, don’t get me wrong. We NEED orphanages. There has to a be transitional centers for kids who have nowhere to go. But the amount of resources that are being poured into orphanages versus going out to strengthen families and communities and their children directly... is not even comparable.


If you’re supporting an orphanage abroad, start by asking these three questions.

1. Is the orphanage registered legally? (if not... that’s human trafficking and please don’t let that be justified through religion)

2. What are the efforts being made to reunite children with their living family members if they have any?

3. Are the truly orphaned children given access to their legal right to be put on the adoption registry?

There are many other questions to ask, but you’ll begin to unearth some shocking realities that you may have just made assumptions were being taken care of differently when you ask the above questions. I just don’t want this fire to die.#familiesbelongtogether both in our backyard and where we send our charitable donations. Check out Sarah's Covenant Homes, India, Abide Family Center, Uganda, Bring Love In, Ethiopia and A Family For Every Orphan and so many more to learn about organizations fighting to keep families together and to help children who don’t have family, be placed in new ones.


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