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Celebrating Every Season of Life

Posted on August 23 2018

Celebrating Every Season of Life

Why the beautiful adjustable rings? About six months ago my wedding ring became alarmingly tight.

I got engaged at the lightest weight I have ever been. Thanks to walking dozens of miles each week and eating a mostly vegetarian diet in India.

Now... living in the States, the opposite is true and I can honestly say that I don’t struggle everyday to love who I am in this season like I did last year.

I have decided to instead celebrate that I live in a place that knows how to make or has available amazing chocolate, cheese, meats and other comfort foods that I know I will say goodbye to when we move back to India in the future.

That being said, I’ve also make a commitment to learning and living in balance with wellness and health a priority. I struggle to do this but I absolutely cannot deny how my immune system, energy and overall comfort suffers when I am not intentional about balance. Find what’s right for you... and in the seasons of chocolate and cheese, wear a beautiful adjustable ring from Amma’s Umma. I have already gotten so many compliments on my “new wedding band set”


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