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Best Summer Tip for Mamas

Posted on August 23 2018

Best Summer Tip for Mamas

My summer tip to mamas : GET IN PICTURES WITH YOUR KIDDOS.

Yes, my kiddo isn’t here yet but I’m practicing with my nephews and by letting Amith actually take pictures of me. 

They will not see your cellulite.

They wont see your muffin top, your delicious rolls...

They will see your smile and they will remember that their mom jumped off the dock with them, that their mom floated on the tube and played squirt guns.

And in 25 years they will be SO grateful to have pictures. So do the hard work and find a suit that makes you feel comfortable and confident and don’t look back and DON’T hide from the camera.

For me that means a tee and a bikini bottom. I don't like wet swimsuit on my skin so one pieces are not my jam. My skin gets really irritated and it feels awful. I don’t like a traditional bikini because the top always seems to fall off (i want to actually swim)... so this is the best I’ve got for now.

I promise no one will notice how on point your bod is but much fun your family is having...And your kids will have awesome memories to keep.


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